Robotic Exploratory Testing


Full End-to-End & Regression Testing

Automatic not Automated

Elevon Spotter finds the changes, and you tell Elevon Spotter if the changes are correct. You don't need to write tests. You don't need to write code.


Complete & THOROUGH

Tell Elevon Spotter where you want to start, and Elevon Spotter crawls the application, automatically discovering every element and every view. Every item on every page is then monitored for changes.

Once Elevon Spotter has automatically discovered all of the views in your application, you either let Elevon Spotter scan every view or guide it down a specific path using a simple drag and drop interface.


AI Change Detection

INTELLIGENT detection presented simply

Elevon Spotter looks for changes the same way you would. It looks for changes in the way the app looks and behaves. Elevon Spotter's AI change detection filters out variations that do not result in a visual or functional difference.

When Elevon Spotter finds a change, it prompts you to indicate if the change is intentional, a mistake, or if both behaviors are correct.

Test Data Management


Elevon Spotter removes the pain associated with creating and using test data. Elevon Spotter automatically associates test data with UI elements. Elevon Spotter's Dynamic Dataset Data allows the test data to be unique for each scan. Organize test data into multiple datasets. You can scan your app with multiple datasets to ensure all features are covered.


Notifications and Reporting

Focus on what's important to you, Spotter will let you know when it needs your help

When Elevon Spotter finds changes, it not only displays them in the app, it can notify via email or Slack. These notifications allow you to use Scheduled Scans to put Elevon Spotter on cruise control, and only log in when there is something to be done.

Spotter opens issues in your issue tracking app with single click.

Elevon Spotter integrates with the tools you're already using.

Integrate into your workflow


Elevon Spotter integrates into any CI/CD pipeline. Start scans via Elevon Spotter's webhooks. Test continuously.

Elevon Spotter API

Send Elevon Spotter anything

What to use Elevon Spotter with something other than web sites and web apps? No problem. Push the content you would like to analyze up to Elevon Spotter's API and then view the changes just as you would with web apps and websites.

With Elevon Spotter, I'm able to focus all of my testing efforts on recent changes. Spotter lets me know if there are any unintended changes.

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