Introducing Spotter

Accelerate your software delivery with robotic testing

Spotter does exploratory testing. functional testing. regression testing. integration testing. end to end testing.


How Elevon Spotter Works

Elevon Spotter's robotic exploratory testing learns the behavior of your app by using it - just as real users do. If it notices a change in your app's functionality, Spotter will let you know. This allows your team to focus on determining if the changes are appropriate or a bug.

New approach, better results

Find bugs even the best teams miss with Spotter's unique AI-driven testing.

Continous Testing

Agile DevOps testing in the cloud, with no operations overhead.

Reduce testing costs

Scriptless end-to-end and regression test coverage in a fraction of the time.

Test Coverage GUARANTEE

Elevon Spotter delivers 99% UI test coverage of your web or SaaS application in as little as 1 week.

99% test coverage in as little as a week

Find needles in your haystack

More coverage in less time

Stop manually looking for changes in your app. Stop manually writing test cases to find changes in your app. Elevon Spotter looks at the millions of things that could have changed to find the things that did so you can focus on ensuring those changes are correct.

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Spotter will work for you

Technology Agnostic

Elevon Spotter requires no modifications to the application being tested. It works with traditional and single page web applications and websites developed using any framework. Elevon Spotter integrates into your existing DevOps and CI workflow to support continuous testing.

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How it works

Tirelessly, Relentlessly, THOROUGHLY

Elevon Spotter uses AI to simulate users of your application. Spotter ensures that these simulated users will exercise all of the functionality in your app and alert you when they find a change in your application's behavior. When you then tell Spotter whether the changes were intended or are bugs, Spotter learns which application behaviors are correct and which are not.

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1. Spotter's simulated users map the behavior of your application.
2. Spotter compares the results to an earlier scan and alerts you to any behavior changes.
3. You tell Spotter if the changes were intended, or not.
4. Repeat

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