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Simplified End-to-End Testing

Full end-to-end & regression test coverage of your web app or website - automatically.

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Reduce your testing costs

More coverage in less time

Elevon Spotter accelerates software development by delivering full end-to-end and regression test coverage in a fraction of the time and cost of other tools. It takes weeks or months for teams to achieve the amount of coverage a single person can do with Elevon Spotter in hours.

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Spotter will work for you

Technology Agnostic

Elevon Spotter requires no modifications to the application being tested. It works with traditional and single page web applications and websites developed using any framework. Elevon Spotter integrates into your existing devops and CI workflow.

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How it works

so you don't have to

Elevon Spotter's unique approach eliminates nearly all of the time spent manually creating automated tests, while significantly increasing test coverage.

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1. Spotter scans your application and maps the behavior of each view.
2. Spotter compares the results to an earlier scan and displays any visual or behavioral changes.
3. You tell Spotter whether each change was intended. You can also provide test data for any new elements Spotter identified, or let Spotter do it for you.
4. Repeat

Spotter allows us to allocate more time to delivering the features our users want.

Ben Mackley
Product Manager, Scoutr

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